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Baltiysk Terminals B.V has joint venture with major oil companies in the world. Presently Baltiysk Terminals B.V owns and operates state of the art oil storage terminals in the Port Of Rotterdam, Houston, Russia, Ventspils, China, and  Singapore and we provide storage facilities for a whole range of petroleum products.

The extensive pipeline network of Baltiysk Terminals B.V provide optimum connections to all other oil terminals in the different regions where our Terminals are located and to all the berths at Port of Major Oil Tanker Terminal.

Baltiysk Terminals B.V has been a prominent player in Oil handling growth story of becoming one of the major oil handling and logistics company in the world.

More About Us

Baltiysk Terminals B.V , established in 2003 caters to safely blending, break-bulk and consolidation of petroleum products and Crude oil. Strategically located at the mouth of the Port Of Roterdam on the eastern side of HOOGVLIET, Baltiysk Terminals B.V is one the leading storage and handling service provider for petroleum products in the shores of Rotterdam.

The storage capacity of the terminal is about 2.6 million cubic meters with 73 Tanks, 6 jetties and 1 Single Point Mooring buoy. The terminal is also connected to the jetties of the Port of Rotterdam. Baltiysk Terminals B.V handles the full spectrum of petroleum products such as Mogas, Reformate, Naphtha, Pygas, Gasoil, MTBE, Condensate, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Kerosene and Crude oil. Bio-fuel such as Ethanol is also handled on request. Services offered are receipt from and delivery to ships, homogenizing, additivation, inter-tank transfers, pipeline transfers to neighbouring terminals and ship to ship transfers.

The terminal can accept tankers of up to 175,000 d.w.t. at its own jetties. Baltiysk Terminals B.V, designed to state-of the-art specifications, complies with the most stringent quality, environmental and safety standards. (ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 18001-2007). Baltiysk Terminals B.V operates Joint Venture With Most Major Oil Companies of the World.

About us

Baltiysk Terminal bv is one of the largest oil terminals in the world, operating joint venture with well-known oil companies.


Head office
K.P. van der Mandelelaan 130 
3062 MB Gemeente Rotterdam

Rotterdam Line: +31-850-014-599
Houston Line: +12-818-459-003


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