In Russia, The Oil Products Terminal segment consists of the Baltiysk Terminals B.V oil products terminal. Baltiysk Terminals B.V. handles exports of Russian, Belorussian and Kazakh fuel oil and light oil products. It operates four modern terminals with a total storage capacity of 1,026,000 cbm.

Baltiysk Terminals B.V. is the only independent fuel oil terminal in the Baltic Sea Basin as it is not affiliated with any oil company or oil trader. It is located in the port of Muuga, which is a part of the port of Tallinn in Estonia and is ice-free most years. This port is the deepest port in the Gulf of Finland and can accommodate VLCC tankers, which are generally more cost efficient for direct long-haul transportation of oil products, according to Drewry.  Baltiysk Terminals B.V. has access to 7 berths, of which 3 are capable of receiving/loading VLCC vessels. Baltiysk Terminals B.V. also offers several related services, such as the unloading of rail tank cars, the loading and unloading of tanker vessels, storage, segregation and blending services.






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Baltiysk Terminal bv is one of the largest oil terminals in the world, operating joint venture with well-known oil companies.

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